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Long time...

2022-08-23 14:56:09 - by AlisonW Open Chyrp Coding Corvd Known Software

...no use. This is my personal playground and, until a recent OS upgrade at the weekend, I was running an installation of "Known" (and before that a heavily modified "Chyrp") But then PHP8.1 came along and screwed me up enough to dust off the software I had been working on and sort out it's issues. Which I mostly have.

This site will, as always, be available at my personal whim. "Age of the geek, baby"

Have been hacking on Known and related stuff all day. Maybe I should give it a rest as it's Sunday...

Diary matters

2020-01-13 17:40:49 - by alisonw Open Design Software Privacy


I've kept my calendar online since around 2003, forward events publicly available throughout. Initially it was file-based with a two appointment records per day* in a text file per month, a few years later moving to a MySQL database, where it still resides. Currently at diary.alisonw.uk the domain has changed occasionally depending on which ones I happen to own at the time (!) and though the Internet Archive says it existed in 2005 their earliest copy - looking very similar to the current edition - appears to be from 2007**.

In the past it's been useful for family, friends, and lovers to check where I am (I used to travel a lot) and for me when booking appointments / finding out what I'm supposed to be doing.

* day, evening
** web.archive.org/web/20070320035249/https://diary.alisonwheeler.com/diary


2019-12-27 20:37:45 - by alisonw Open Known Chyrp Corvd

I've had a number of blogs, sites, infodumps and everything online for around 25 years, this is just the latest in that long line.

My main blogs used to be based on a version of Chryp which I tried to continue maintaining after it ceased being active more widely about eight years ago, and though I added some really great functionality to it the product was desparetly showing its age. Casting around for alternative light-weight FLOSS solutions I found Known [1] so I've forked it to play with and see it will suit my current purposes.


[1] https://withknown.com/

In brief …

Chyrp Between 2006 and 2009 my blogs were build around the lightweight open source blogging platform Chyrp.…

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